Ingersoll Rand helps clean production in the electronics industry

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The integrated circuit industry has extremely high air quality requirements

The development of integrated circuits is a true reflection of technological progress. The first product of Apple’s fall launch not long ago was equipped with a more integrated S6 chip. Integrated Circuit (IC), as the core of the electronic semiconductor industry, has a high degree of technical complexity and a highly specialized industrial structure.

Today, integrated circuits have become the core strategic industry of the world’s mainstream countries.

As a world-renowned provider of critical business process creation and industrial solutions, Ingersoll Rand Group’s Ingersoll Rand brand oil-free compressed air systems, NASH brand liquid ring vacuum pumps, and Hoffman & Lamson brand multi-stage centrifugal fans provide innovatively designed total solutions for clean production in the electronics industry.

The electronics industry places high demands on the quality of compressed air that comes into direct contact with electronics. The industry has strict specifications and requirements for the oil content, dust content, and pressure dew point of compressed air.

Oil-free screw compressor sets in the integrated circuit industry

Whether for PCB panel blowing, semiconductor packaging, electronic component production, or integrated circuit manufacturing, Ingersoll Rand’s full range of zero-rated oil-free screw and centrifugal compressors (400kW – 4500kW) are used in a wide range of applications from small to large volumes.

Ingersoll-Rand E series oil-free screw compressor sets
Ingersoll-Rand E series oil-free screw compressor sets

Oil-free screw-type air compressor
Mainly used for cleaning printed circuit boards after production, driving pneumatic control components, operating critical valves, etc.

Application of Ingersoll Rand centrifuges in the IC industry

C1000 500 1300kW Centac Centrifugal Standard Pressure Compressor
C1000 500-1300kW Centac Centrifugal Standard Pressure Compressor

Centrifugal Compressors
It is mainly used for cutting, driving, and handling where the demand for air volume is high.

IC packaging is an essential part of the IC industry chain and is located at downstream of the whole industry chain. Among them, the cleaning vacuum (rough vacuum) required in the IC packaging process mainly uses the negative pressure and atmospheric pressure difference for liquid or particle removal or transportation, generally using liquid ring pumps and multi-stage centrifugal fans.

Multistage centrifugal fans applied to purge vacuum systems

Ingersoll-Rand’s NASH liquid ring pumps and Hoffman & Lamson multi-stage centrifugal fans can provide stable and reliable negative pressure power for IC chip manufacturing scavenging vacuum systems and process vacuum systems.

The cleaning vacuum system can use a NASH liquid ring vacuum pump or Hoffman&Lamson multi-stage centrifugal fan to generate high negative pressure, also called clean plant vacuum or central vacuum system.

When the system is running, the dust is sucked into the pipe network, and under the action of negative pressure, the dust is pumped into the inside of the dust collector along the negative pressure pipe with the airflow, and then the dust moves upward with the airflow into the filter bag. The dust is separated out by the filter bag when it passes through the filter chamber, and the clean air is discharged into the air by the fan exhaust port.
The dust attached to the surface of the filter bag is cleaned by an automatic pulse blowback system with alternate blowback at regular intervals. A check valve is set at the pipe entering the main machine to avoid the reverse flow of air to bring the dust into the cleaning area again and to ensure the effectiveness of dust suction.

Hoffman & Lamson multistage centrifugal fans for scavenging vacuum systems
Hoffman & Lamson multistage centrifugal fans for scavenging vacuum systems

In most manufacturing companies, cost control is an important tool for companies to gain profit growth. The energy consumption of compressed air accounts for 10% to 35% of all electricity consumption. Choosing the right air compression system not only reduces energy consumption in today’s energy-constrained world but also means new profit margins for companies.

Ingersoll-Rand offers a diverse range of industrial solutions

Ingersoll-Rand is a leading global provider of critical business process creation and industrial solutions, with a wide range of compressor, pump, and fan brands that can provide efficient and economically viable solutions for a wide range of customer application needs.

innovative thinking and continuous improvement. Through flexible and customized total system solutions to meet the diversified needs of customers in different markets.

Ingersoll-Rand’s leading support service system that covers the entire product life cycle is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Provide efficient service at any time to Ensure that the customer’s system is in good condition at all times.

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