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Keep your air compressors running efficiently for a long time with original maintenance kits.

A compressed air system is a significant investment. You expect consistently reliable, clean, dry air at the lowest possible operating cost. Choose our genuine parts and accessories to ensure your compressor runs efficiently and productively.

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Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Maintenance Kit

Minimum 1 MOQ available

  • IR air & oil filter 
  • IR oil-gas separator
  • Ultra Coolant lubricating oil
  • Efficient F-series In-Line filters

Model Series

Ingersoll Rand air filter

Model Series

Ingersoll Rand oil filter

CCN Number

32170979 / 39708466, etc.

CCN Number

39329602 / 24121212, etc.

Maintenance Intervals

Replace every 4000 hours

Maintenance Intervals

Replace every 4000 hours

Model Series

Ingersoll Rand air oil separator

Model Series

Ultra Coolant lubricant 

CCN Number

36845303 / 54509427, etc.

Oil Capacity

1L/5L/20L/208L(0.3-55 gallons)

Maintenance Intervals

Replace every 8000 hours

Maintenance Intervals

Replace every 8000-10000 hours

About Ingersoll Rand Maintenance Kit

Designed to maintain the best performance of the air compressor system and extend its service life.

Air & Oil Filter

Ingersoll Rand provides the highest-quality OEM filters for preventative maintenance.

ingersoll rand oil gas separator

Oil-Gas Separator

No special tools are required to replace the efficient oil separator core from the Ingersoll Rand oil-water separator.

Air Re-Filtration

F-Series Filter

Ingersoll Rand’s advanced F-Series compressed air filters reduce contamination.

Lubricating Oil

Ingersoll Rand Ultra Coolant series lubricants help reduce mechanical wear of the air end.

More Services for Your Air Compressor System

Ingersoll Rand offers a wide portfolio of reliable products that will adapt to your industry and application. 

Project Management

Project Management

Fully integrated services managed by experts.

Installation Solutions

Installation Solutions

Durable and quick-to-install SimplAir® piping system.

OEM Replacement Parts

OEM Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for Ingersoll Rand air compressors.

Performance Boost

MSG® Centac® centrifugal compressor replacement parts.

Why Choose YESHENG to Being Source?

Yosion provides original and authentic maintenance kits from Ingersoll Rand, which are available from stock.

  • A complete range of Ingersoll Rand air compressor maintenance kits.
  • Available from stock, worldwide shipping.
  • Experts provide technical support and guide customers to replace.
  • Ingersoll Rand maintenance kits support door-to-door delivery.

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Our consultants will proactively update the production process of the machine for the customer.


Final Product

Pre-shipment testing and strict inspection of compressors. Test report available.



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B2B solutions

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  • Help you increase profits

B2C Solution

  • Fastest 3-days delivery
  • Support door-to-door delivery 
  • Factory direct shipment
  • OEM compressed air system design
  • Package Care-100% risk transfer
  • AirCare-extended warranty service
  • 7 ×24-hour after-sales support
  • On-site maintenance service

Ingersoll Rand Maintenance Kit Buying Guide

How to maintain the air compressor?

The routine maintenance of Ingersoll Rand screw air compressor includes: replacing the air filter and oil filter every 4,000 hours, and replacing the oil separator and lubricating oil every 8,000 hours.

What are Ingersoll Rand's maintenance kits?

Including: Ingersoll Rand air filter, Ingersoll Rand oil filter, Ingersoll Rand air oil separator and lubricating oil.

Can I buy it individually?

Of course, We support the purchase of one piece. However, it will be cheaper to buy a complete Ingersoll Rand air compressor maintenance kit.

How soon can I receive the goods?

It depends on which country you are in. We support sea, land, and air transport. For maintenance parts, we can ensure delivery within 1-3 days after receiving the payment.

Why do you have to buy genuine parts?

For stability: Genuine Ingersoll Rand filters have been strictly tested and designed, and high-quality components are used to provide years of reliable performance and consistently high-quality air. Substitutes cannot guarantee quality, which is likely to cause machine failure. For long-term efficiency: The use of counterfeit maintenance kits and lubricants can cause serious wear and tear on the main engine, thereby reducing the life of the machine. Ingersoll Rand guarantees every customer who uses genuine maintenance parts.

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