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Ingersoll Rand

Supply the best price of Ingersoll Rand compressor from the factory in China.

We can do:  providing customers with a full range of Ingersoll Rand air compressor products at the most cost-effective price and delivery time.

Small up Ingersoll Rand integrated type 4-22kw & 37-250kw oil flooded rotary screw compressor…

R-series Ingersoll Rand screw compressor contains air compressors ranging from 10-415 hp…

Oil-free scroll compressor system(2-30kw) and Ir E-series oil-free screw compressor(37-355kw).

Ingersoll Rand Sirc centac centrifugal air compressor, including c450, c750, c1000, c3000&turbo NX series…

All series Ingersoll Rand desiccant air dryers. Heatless and heated type air compressor dryer.

Ingersoll Rand original genuine air compressor maintenance accessories, air filter, oil filter, etc.

Get All Ingersoll Rand Products Wholesale Price

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Atlas Copco

Looking for Atlas Copco air compressor?

We offer a full range of air compressor products manufactured by Atlas factory in China.

Finding the top-selling Atlas compressor product here.

Industrial grade Atlas Copco SF, ZR/ZT(VSD), ZA/ZE(VSD), and ZS+(VSD) series oil-free gas equipment.

G (VSD) series integrated type screw compressor, 3-30hp with 100 psig – 175 psig working pressure…

Fixed speed and VSD type are available, 37-550kw GA & GA+(VSD) oil-injected compressor…

Best-selling 100-425cfm diesel portable air compressor,variable pressure 150-200 PSI…

100% oil-free centrifugal compressor, including ZH355-900, ZH630-1600 and ZH1000-3150, etc.

Original DD, PD, QP and UD series compressed air filter. In stock and as fast as 3-days shipping.

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We are confident to provide you with original Atlas Copco products at competitive prices.

How do we help our clients save money?

Purchasing Safety and Security

ingresoll rand products Anti-counterfeiting nameplate

Unique Stamp

Air compressor equipment has unique and irreplaceable anti-counterfeiting stamps.

ingresoll rand Anti-counterfeiting query system

Official Verification

The Air compressor machine and any parts support the anti-counterfeiting system inquiry.

Global Warranty

Global assurance services are provided by localized teams from Ingersoll Rand and Atlas.


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Services Always Go Extra Mile

There is no need to waste endless time on inferior Ingersoll Rand & Atlas compressors.

Our goal is to make business simple and safe. We provide you with the most cost-effective Ingersoll Rand and Atlas air compressors. Our consultants will take care of all the complex work, including order, logistics, OEM custom production, etc. We will keep you informed of the trade progress throughout.

Low MOQ & Stock Available

If you want to start with low MOQ and fast delivery, we support a minimum order quantity of 1 set compressor product or part.

We have our own warehouse and every month we buy hot-selling products from Ingersoll Rand and Atlas’ Chinese factories as our spot stock.

YS Compressor OEM customized solutions

OEM Customized Solutions

If you want to customize an air compressor machine that better meets your market needs or projects, OEM service is available.

Communicate with our professional engineers with 20 years of experience. Our goal is to save time and develop optimal solutions.

Attractive & Negotiable Price

Attractive & Negotiable Price

Whether you want to purchase from China or other countries, you definitely want the best service and price.

We can offer competitive prices and services.

FAQs on Purchase and Import

YS has been supplying brand compressor products for 22 years and we have encountered all kinds of problems,

here are the most important concerns of our customers before purchasing.

Why your prices look better than our local?

Please feel free to buy our products. Ingersoll Rand and Atlas have been building factories in China for many years. China has a much better industry chain, (e.g. Buying machine in USA, machine price is18000$. Buying machine in China, machine price is 12000$, shipping cost is 900$, total 12900$. ), so products made in China will be more cost-effective.

Can I buy direct from IR or Atlas factories?

Their factories do not sell directly, all product sales are done through authorized dealers. The selling price of the product depends on the level of dealers.

How do i pay and payment option?

We usually accept 30% T/T deposit, Western Union, paypal and L/C at sight payment. For long-term customers, we offer negotiable payment options. After payment, our consultant will update the product progress in real time.

How do we respond to customer orders?

① Determine technical parameters and customization requirements, etc. ② Check our warehouse for stock availability. ③ Confirm orders with Ingersoll Rand and Atlas Copco China factories. ④ Arrange the fastest delivery after the order is completed

Can I go to China to inspect the factory?

Of course, if you want to come to inspect the factory, our consultant will arrange the schedule for you. In addition, we support ZOOM videos for online factory inspection.

ingresoll rand and atlas copco compressor
How soon will my order be delivered?

For hot-selling products from Ingersoll Rand and AtlasCopco, we can guarantee delivery in as fast as 3 business days. For OEM customers, our delivery time is generally 20-30 days.

How to guarantee the product after sale?

7×24 hours after-sales service and technical support. Get serviced by our expert engineers or contact your local Ingersoll Rand service center directly. IR and Atlas Copco have service centers in the major cities all over the world, and the original products purchased from us can enjoy official protection and services..

How do I start a business in our local area?

How do I start a business in our local area? Welcome to work with IR and AC. IR and Atlas Copco invest a lot of advertising expenses every year to help authorized dealers better develop customer business locally. Customers' customized needs and after-sales problems are solved by IR and AC, you only need to develop B2C air compressor business in your local area.

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