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100% Customer Satisfaction. We offer Ingersoll Rand and Atlas Copco air compressors at the best prices.

Who is yscompressor.com?

Yosion Compressor was founded in 2000, during the past several decades, we have always only focused on the IR and Atlas compressor business, with annual sales of over 100 million.

In recent years, customers in different countries have purchased air compressor equipment from us, because our prices and services saved customers a lot of money and time.

In fact, the Chinese can offer better prices because of China’s perfect supply chain. Our quotation always benefits customers the most, we can always deliver goods to customers faster, amazing!

Now we have established Yscompressor.com so that customers can find us easily, which is why you can see this website.

Consumers deserve high-quality Ingersoll and Atlas Compressor products at better prices

What Have We Been Doing?

We provide original Ingresoll Rand air compressor and Atlas Copco air compressor products.

INGRESOLL RAND screw air compressor

Ingresoll Compressor >>

Since 2000, we have been doing Ingersoll Rand compressor business.

Atlas Copco Industrial Air Compressor

Altas Compressor >>

Since 2003, we have been supplying Atlas Copco compressors products.

yscompressor industry solutions

Industries Solutions >>

Our goal is to save energy and reduce production costs for customers.

Check Our Work 4 Strong Points

If you are going to purchase or replace the air compressor, we are confident to be your reliable source. 

1. Urgent Orders

We are willing to accept urgent order requirements. We have a customer in Singapore who wants to buy an Rs75 machine urgently. He received the goods within 2 weeks after payment.

2.Trouble shooting

Our system detects the operation status of your equipment in real-time. Our experts are ready to support you for 24 hours. Our after-sales response rate is 100%.

3. Optimal Solution

For customized product, our experts will provide customers with 2-3 project solutions, each of which is very cost-effective. We have many years of experience in many industrial fields.

4. Replace Parts

Even if your equipment is not purchased from us, we can also supply you with original maintenance parts. Customers usually receive our goods in 3-7 days. We can also provide air end replacement and repair services.

Team we are proud of

100+ Employees & 30+ Engineers

As mentioned above, there are many suppliers of Ingersoll Rand and Atlas all over the world, but they may only have 1-3 employees.

You definitely don’t want to waste time endlessly dealing with these problems: delayed shipments, fake products received, slow after-sales responses, lost suppliers, etc.

If you cooperate with us, you don’t have to worry about these problems at all. We have more than 100 full-time employees, and most of them have been recognized by Ingersoll Rand and Atlas Copco China factories. Some of them are professional compressor engineers who have worked in Ingersoll Rand for more than 20 years.

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Customer Who Trust Us

I wanted to buy an air compressor for my new factory. My technician recommended me to buy an Ingersoll Rand Rs75 VSD type Air Compressor. I tried to buy from our local Ingersoll Rand supplier, but they told me to wait at least 45 days. Then I contacted Yecompressor.com, and I was pleasantly surprised that they can deliver my goods quickly and the price of the goods is 2400 dollars less than that of the goods I bought in Singapore. They sent me stock pictures and videos of the Rs75 model and made a video call with me, and then I placed the order immediately. It took me 11 days from placing the order to receiving the goods, great! Now my Ingersoll Rand Rs75 air compressor has been used for 9 months withour any issues. In November, I am going to purchase a RS160ie compressor from YASION again.

I have been working with Yosion for 7 years, and our company purchased different models of Ingersoll Rand and Atlas air compressors from them every month. Before 2015, we have been buying from the US because they were closer to us. But our local customers often complain that the equipment price is too expensive. Even though transportation is convenient, the price of equipment made in the United States is really high, which is the biggest reason why our B2C business had not grown in the past many years. In order to solve this business problem, we have been looking for more cost-effective products through various channels. We went to China in September 2015 and contacted Yscompressor.com. They can offer cheaper compressor products and the service is really good. Our local customers have never complained about product quality and price, and now we can earn more profits.

I have been working in the sales of air compressors and gas equipment for 9 years, I mainly do business in Peru, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. I have purchased Ingersoll Rand and Atlas products from many companies in China. But now, Yasion is the only authorized dealer I trust. Their consultants are very professional. To my surprise, they can communicate with me in Spanish without any obstacles, and they can customize the Spanish system for my compressor products. Most of my consumers work in industrial production, and they need to customize air compressors that fit the project. What is troubling is that many projects need to use air compressors with a pressure of more than 400Psi or compress special gases, but Yasion’s industrial solutions always satisfy my clients. They never disappoint me.


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